Sports Club

CODE A8 Sports Club
Chairman5D 蘇皓雋
Proposed Functions
  • Senior Inter-House Competitions
  • Junior Inter-House Competitions
  • Post exam Inter-class Competitions
  • Brother’s Trophy Football/ Basketball Matches
  • The Sports Week

The Sports Club is an academic club for all students. We aim at promoting students’ interests in sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, athletics, table tennis, badminton, orienteering, squash, hockey and fencing. It organizes several sports activities every year such as the Junior and Senior Inter-House Competitions, the Inter-Class Competitions during the post exam period respectively. By holding the Sports Week, we hope to raise the interest and team spirit of our schoolmates and attract more people to enjoy all kinds of sports activities. Although we do not recruit members, we do encourage all students to participate in our activities, no matter they are good at sports or not. We guarantee that all participants will be able to learn something and have fun.