SFXC60 Banquet

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Dear Xaverians,

SFXC60 Banquet – ‘In the Way of the Marists’

Were you among us when we celebrated the Golden Jubilee of our Alma Mater in 2005? That’s the occasion when we met many familiar faces, re-told our school-day stories, sang with jubilation, chanted our hearty cheers, and made history! We filled the grand hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre with record-breaking 185 tables, and also with our brotherhood, spirit, and thankfulness for the Marist Brothers who have touched our souls throughout their lives.

In 10 years’ time, many of us may have stepped onto a different stage in life: from a student to a graduate, from fresh to seasoned, from a son to a husband, father, father-in-law or even grand-father. Time and again we might connect with our buddies and teachers, but it’s not until the coming gala dinner on 6th December 2015 when most of us will come back full circle, touch one another’s heart, and stand strong in unity again to celebrate our mother school’s Diamond Jubilee!

To make this gathering possible and meaningful, besides inviting our Brothers local and overseas, retired teachers and those in service, we also wish to encourage more current students and recent graduates to share the joy and our big family spirit, and make the banquet more affordable for them. The surplus of the event will be used for school development purposes. We sincerely hope that you can offer help at your capacity via the various means listed on the reservation form.

This event will surely bring us sweet memories that will linger for years, and also remind us of our Marist Brothers who have dedicated their lives to a mission of youth education and love. They made themselves the best examples “In the Way of the Marists”. Their humble qualities transcend ages of us. The torch is now laid upon us to inherit their spirit and keep it shining through generations to come!

Should you have any enquiry, please contact Ho Tat Ming, Samuel (K71) at 62487782 or Mok Chi Tak Kenneth (K82) at 62911162. May we look forward to this exciting opportunity and seeing each and every one of you at the banquet! The reservation form can be accessed via the following link or by online registration above: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxmmkcx_X4LZNzJDNVplTWRLTDA/view?usp=sharing

Organizing Committee of SFXC 60 Banquet