Prize Presentation for the Orienteering Team

Our representatives of the Orienteering Team reaped bountiful harvests in the recent inter-school competitions winning medals and trophies for our school. The follow is a list of winning team members of various competitions. Congratulations to them all!

Inter-school Cross Country Competition 2015-2016  – Division Three (Area Three)
WONG, Keng Fong (6A) Boys A Grade 8 th  runner-up
CHUNG, Siu Ting (4A) Boys B Grade 4 th  runner-up
YAM, Kai Yui (2D) Boys C Grade Team 3 rd  runner-up
FUNG, Yiu Chun (2B)
LAM, Tsun Hin (1A)
CHAO, Chun Tin (1D)
Boys Team Overall 3 rd  runner-up

District Park Orienteering Championships 2015 of the Hong Kong Island District
KAN, Chun Hei (1A) Male C Grade 5th runner-up

District Park Orienteering Championships 2015 of the Kowloon District
YAM, Kai Yui Hubert (2D) Male C Grade 2nd runner-up
LO, King Wa (2D) Male C Grade 4th runner-up
KWAN, Cheuk Ting (2D) Male C Grade 5th runner-up

3 rd  Interschool Orienteering Championships
LAM, Ling Shan (3B) 3-leg Relay Junior Secondary Boys 2 nd runner-up
SO, Long Yat (2D)
KWAN, Cheuk Ting (2D)
YAM, Kai Yui Hubert (2D) 3-leg Relay Junior Secondary Boys Champion
LAI, Ka Lok (3C)
CHAN, Pui Wing (3B)
MAN, Chun Wai (5B) 3-leg Relay Senior Secondary Boys Champion
LIANG, Jiejun (6A)
WONG, Yu Hong Bryan (6A)
Overall Boys Team Outstanding Participation + Outstanding Performance