STEM Tour to Singapore

The STEM Education Overseas Study Tour to Singapore (2018-2019) was successfully organized from 6th July to 10th July 2019. 28 students and 2 teachers participated in this wonderful journey. In line with the school’s development in promoting STEM education, the tour served to promote and enhance students’ understanding of the tradition of science and technology in a different culture and to foster in them a spirit of scientific enquiry.

During the tour, students were given the opportunity to have a flight simulation experience after attending a lecture in aerodynamic theories. They then visited the NEWater plant which utilizes leading technology to recycle waste water into ultra-clean, high-grade reclaimed water. The concept of environmental sustainability was illustrated by “Garden by the Bay and Marina Barrage”, which used renewable energy to generate electricity and provide a fantastic site for recreation.

In the science museum, students attended a workshop to design a plane using a software and controlled the plane to finish different tasks in a virtual world. They also experienced lot of amazing science demonstrations which could not be repeated in classroom. Moreover, students were pleasantly surprised by the presentation of art and history using different scientific techniques in the “ArtScience” Museum and The Bicentennial Experience. To make this tour more fruitful, students visited Marist Stella High School, which is also founded by Marist Brother, and joined some science lessons to know more about the science education in Singapore.

The STEM Tour has certainly opened the eyes of our student participants to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We will continue to offer more exposure for our students both inside and outside classrooms.