Marist 200 Basin Feast 2016-2017

As a highlight of the Marist 200 Celebration campaign, the Marist 200 Basin Feast was held in the evening of 2nd January. More than a thousand guests filled up almost a hundred tables in the playground of our school campus. They shared a great meal with their old pals and reminisced good old times their shared as students of the Marist Brothers. It was a joyous and warm moment to be shared in a chilled mid-autumn evening.

Opening of Marist Heritage Gallery

In the occasion of the Marist 200 Institution, the Marist Brothers in HK officially blessed the opening of this Heritage Gallery on the top floor of the SFXC campus. Its opening was the combined effort of many parties. Father Albert Ho, Salesian Priest and our alumni, gave his blessing to this gallery on the opening day on 2nd January 2017. The room contains countless valuable artefacts that speak a volume of Marist History. All are welcome to visit the gallery if you have time.

Christmas Party 2017

The school Christmas Party, also our annual Dress Casual Day, was organized on 22 December 2016. Besides celebrating the festival, we hoped to remind our students what the Marist Brothers have been doing for us in the past 200 years.

A series of celebrations would be organized in 2017 so as to celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of the Marist Brothers. Hence, all Xaverians were encouraged to donate and raise fund for the upcoming bicentennial celebrations and for learning and teaching purposes at school. At the end, the target of donation was well-achieved through different fund raising activities such as teacher-student matches and that over $50,000 was raised.

JACP Trade Fair 2016

Trade Fair 2016, one of the highlights of the JA Company Programme, took place on Saturday, 17th December 2016, at Chater Garden in Central. The programme aimed at developing creativity and business acumen in students by launching their products or services in a real market.

88 JA companies offered their products/service on that day. Under the guidance of voluntary business advisors, Mr. Paul Ho and Mr. Francis Chan, 31 of our Form 4 and 5 students set up a mini-company, Greenovation. The Greenvation offers carbon credits from CarbonCareAsia for sale, and also an app which includes simple calculators for customers to find out their own carbon emission amount. It will be offset by the credit amount, so as to educate customers to change their lifestyle, and therefore changing the world.

Many alumni visited the Greenovation booth during the Trade Fair, including Mr. Chong Chan Yau and Mr. Chan Chi Wan. Their remarkable comments provided lots of insights to the students. As the Trade Fair was held successfully, students learned valuable experiences which would play a big part in their future aspirations.

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