The 13th Swimming Gala

The 13th Swimming Gala was held in Kowloon Tsai Swimming Pool on 23rd May. Although the weather had not been great over the past two weeks and there was also rain that morning, Mr. Iu encouraged all the athletes to try their best with determination and resilience in all events.

Despite the rainy weather, all athletes did their best and did not give up. Though some swimmers were behind others, with the encouragement and applause from the audience, they finished the race with fortitude.

In the end, though some events had to be cancelled due to the adverse weather, the Swimming Gala was drawn to a close with a prayer, our school song and three cheers.

Final Gathering of the English Ambassadors

For the final gathering this academic year, the English Ambassadors participated in a “game show” – making up of two of the most popular game shows in England.

Most English Ambassadors were audience members who supported and “telepathically” (instead of electronically voting) gave the correct answers to the contestants.

The 3 Ambassadors who were randomly selected via a raffle ticket were given the chance to play the hot-fire game of Yes/No, whereby they should answer questions but not say either of these two words. The winner was then the lucky contestant to play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

It was a great success and a lot of fun for all!

Alumni Manager Election 2014 Announcement of Result

The vote-counting procedures for the Alumni Manager Election were completed successfully on 18th May, 2014 under the supervision of the Returning Officer, two Executive Committee Members of the St. Francis Xavier’s College Alumni Association Limited (SFXCAA), five Alumni and the Principal of St. Francis Xavier’s College (SFXC), Mr. Iu Kwong Chi. Among the total of 36 ballots collected, 36 ballots are valid.

The voting results are as follows:


Candidate No.


No. of votes



MOK CHI TAK KENNETH           莫致德




TONG KAR WAI                          湯嘉偉




TSE WOON KWAN                     謝煥坤



According to the results, it is announced that  MOK CHI TAK KENNETH (莫致德) is elected and will be nominated to the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) of SFXC as the Alumni Manager. The IMC shall apply to the Permanent Secretary for registration of MOK CHI TAK KENNETH (莫致德) as the Alumni Manager of the school.

 Any appeal against the results should be submitted to the Association in writing together with reasons between 19 May and 28 May, 2014 by post or in person to Mr. Kelvin Chan at 45 Sycamore Street, Taikoktsui, St. Francis Xavier’s College.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Piety Recess

Brothers, Catholic teachers, student representatives and old boys of both SFXC and SFXS attended the annual event ‘Piety Recess’ to pay tribute to the departed Marist Brothers on 17th May at St. Raphael’s Catholic Cemetery.

It started with a speech and a prayer led by Bro. Joseph and Bro. John to commence the liturgy. All attendees were invited to offer the frankincense and sprinkle the Holy Water onto the tomb of the Marist Brothers. May all the departed Brothers rest in peace in Heaven.

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