Last School Day of F.6 Students

On the 21st of January, all of the F.6 boys attended school for the very last time. To make their last school day a memorable one, the students organized a series of activities and events.

During the morning assembly, twoF.6 boys from each class talked about their memories in the school and expressed their gratitude to their devoted teachers.....

They presented a model, which is a replica of the school, to Brother Joseph as a token of thanks for all that the school has done for them.

As the last bell rang at the end of the day, the F.6 boys formed a picture of a tree. Three representatives from the form then spoke aloud to the entire school. Parents and alumni purposely came back just to witness that particular moment. To bring their secondary school life to a close, they released balloons into the sky along with their hopes, wishes and thanks written on the balloons. In the end, they sang the school song for the very last time.

The closing ceremony of SFXC Mentorship

The closing ceremony of SFXC Mentorship was held successfully last Saturday, 18th January 2014. The activities included presenting certificates, a sharing session, group photos. Over 30 senior form boys and 20 mentors took part in the Mentorship Scheme They had spent their meaningful time with each others.Like other reunion activities, the ceremony bore witness to the warmth of the family spirit exhibited by all participants.

Christmas Overnight Party

The Christmas Overnight Party was organized on the 24th -25th December 2013. The event included a Christmas Eve Mass, games, water battle and BBQ. Besides having fun in the campus, our students had a better understanding on the true meaning of Christmas — to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ.

There were around 120 junior form students participated in the activity. With the help of around 80 helpers, the party was a great success. Some past Xaverians also came back to support the event. All of us had a memorable night in the school.

The Long Distance Running Competition of SFXS

To share the joy and fun with our brother school, St. Francis Xavier’s School Tsuen Wan, a total of 50 teachers and students of SFXC join their Long Distance Running Competition held at Tsuen Wan Riviera Park on 22nd Dec., 2013 (Sun).

6C Cheung Man Hin came fifth in the competition! Well done!

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