Viewing of the Moon Eclipse

Hong Kong was one of the places that could view the total lunar eclipse that occurred on 8th October 2014. To observe such extraordinary phenomenon, the school Astronomy Club organized the viewing event at the Avenue of Stars in the evening that day. It was a pleasant night for the participants as they were captivated by the totality of the eclipse.

Athletics Meet 2014-2015

The 2014-2015 Athletics Meets were held on 6th and 8th October. Many students participated and did their best in the track and field events. This year, several primary schools were invited to join a relay competition and the primary students had fun in participating in our Athletics Meet. All participants showed their discipline and endeavor on being a true athlete…

In the end, Yellow House achieved the highest points and winners of each event were awarded at the prize presentation with a few record-breaking achievements! Students’ effort and contribution to the Athletics Meet is hoped to be reflected on their perseverance and attitude in their academic studies.

Presentation of the Certificate of Appreciation and the Inauguration of the Appointed Student Union

With the committee members of the Appointed Student Union (ASU) receiving the badges from the school principal in the Inauguration Ceremony on 25th September 2014, the term of office of the Student Union 2013 – 2014 had came to a perfect close. Mr. Sham Chi Chung (F.6B), the Chairman of the SU 2013 – 2014, had delivered his assignment address to express his gratitude to different parties, especially his committee members. A big round of applause, together with the certificates of appreciation, was given to them for they had worked diligently and whole-heartedly in serving the school and their fellow schoolmates in the past academic year.


Inaugural gathering of the English Ambassadors

On Monday 22nd September, the English Ambassadors met at their inaugural gathering and were given more information about the fantastic activities they would be participating in this academic year! From the whole school activities to the weekly vocabulary enhancement games – it is sure to be an exciting year for the whole school.

This year, each and every English Ambassador will have an even more prominent role to promote and encourage the English speaking environment at SFXC - from facilitating activities for other forms in the College to delivering themed “sharings” during the morning assembly – which will be on display in the main entrance of the College shortly. All English Ambassadors agreed that it will be a jam packed, but equally rewarding, year of activities.

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