F.1 Orientation

The F.1 Orientation Day was held on 12th July 2014 to provide important information for the F.1 students of the coming academic year. All the students and their parents listened attentively. The Q-and-A session also allowed the participants to raise questions with regard to different issues. We welcome all the Xaverians-to-be and wish them a fruitful and enjoyable year ahead at SFXC!

F.2 Water Rocket Competition

The Water Rocket Competition was organized on 8th July 2014 to enhance F.2 students’ knowledge of and interest in science. Each class was divided into 9 groups. Students developed management and cooperation skills through designing and constructing their water rocket.

They were all excited to witness the launch of each rocket. One of the groups in Class 2D was awarded ‘The Most Outstanding Water Rocket’. Congratulations to the winners and cheers for the diligent work of all the participants! 

Talk by Mr. Eason Chan Yick-shun

We were honoured to have Mr Eason Chan Yick-shun, a prominent male artist in Hong Kong’s music industry, to share with us the background of his recent album ‘Rice & Shine’ and his thoughts on music, the music industry and the society as a whole. Our students benefited a lot from the question-and-answer session and they all treasured the opportunity to take a group photo with him!

The World Scholar’s Cup

Six of our students took part in the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round 2014 in Singapore from 24 to 27 June. It is an international tournament requiring participants to research and learn about 6 different subjects including psychology, history, science, literature, art & music and social studies. We are glad that one of our students - Chow Ming Kin (Class 4A), ranked 21st in debates in the senior division this year. The other students also won several medals. More importantly, by participating in the event, our students had an opportunity to exchange values and ideas with the top scholars all over the world.

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