Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows Competition

Our boys performed splendidly in the Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows Competition and the winners received excellent awards! They have won the following:

- School Symphonic Band: Gold Award Symphonic Band Contest (Secondary School Intermediate Class)

- Chinese Orchestra: Silver Award in Chinese Orchestra Contest (Secondary School Class A)

- String Orchestra: Bronze Award in String Orchestra Contest (Secondary School Class Group B)

The competition definitely gave the boys a valuable and memorable experience. Congratulations to the winners!

F.4 Inter-class Drama Competition 2014-2015

F.4 classes rehearsed diligently for the Inter-class Drama Competition held on 5th February 2015. On the day of the competition, the performers were deeply immersed in their character and performed their best. Each class gave a good show which gave the adjudicators a difficult time determining the winners. The results are as follows:

The Best Team Work: 4D
The Best Spoken English: 4C
The Best Props: 4D
The Best Performance: 4B
The Best Actor (individual): Jimmy Kwok (4C - Robber)


F.6 Last Day

Reaching the end of their secondary school life on 21st January, all the F.6 boys treasured every moment of their last day of school.

In the morning assembly, representatives of each F.6 class expressed their gratitude to their teachers for their love and care throughout the years. The F.6 boys presented a handcrafted board emblazoned with four radiant silver letters – ‘SFXC’ surrounded with their student photos.

As the last bell rang at three twenty, the F.6 boys stood in the playground, forming a figure of a diamond symbolizing how they have been cultivated from rough rocks to polished diamonds. Many old boys came back to witness such a significant event and show support. Three representatives then spoke of their reflections on their 6 years of school in SFXC and sang meaningful songs to express their sentiment.

Finally, they sang the three verses of the school song together for the very last time to mark the end of their secondary school life.

‘Star River’ National Children’s Fine Arts Calligraphy & Photography Contest

In July 2014, our students’ works were selected to enter an art competition called Star River National Children’s Fine Arts Calligraphy & Photography Contest.

In the Chinese category, the following awards were presented to our boys:

Outstanding achievement (highest level): 3 students
Level 1: 11 students
Level 2: 35 students
Level 3: 34 students
Certificate of Merit: 11 students

Congratulations to all the winners!

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