SFX Junior Ambassadors Inauguration Ceremony 2017-2018

Each year, students with outstanding academic performances (Top 15 students of the junior forms in the first term) are honoured as the SFX Junior Ambassadors of that year. This year, parents of these students were invited to the Inauguration Ceremony to share the joy and honour with their sons on the 16th of March 2018. A Letter of Acknowledgement was sent to the respective primary schools for having laid a solid foundation for these students’ academic success. The ambassadors would then pay a visit to their Alma Mater to extend their heartfelt gratitude to their primary school teachers who laboured to foster the students’ growth and development. Through this practice, students’ effort in their school work was recognized and it is hoped that they will learn to appreciate the effort of all those who have contributed to their successes.

SFX Talentine 2018

Date: 24th March, 2018

Venue: Champagnat Hall


(i) Matinee: 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. (Primary students are welcome to attend);

(ii)Evening Show: 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Proposed Program

  1. Wind Band
  2. Choir
  3. String Orchestra
  4. Chinese Instrument Solo
  5. Cantonese Drama
  6. Fencing
  7. English Drama
  8. Film-dubbing
  9. Dancing

Religious Workshop with Primary School Students

In conjunction with the evangelization week celebration, we also organized religious workshops for a few primary schools. This year 3 primary schools, namely: SFA Primary school, Yau Ma Tei Catholic Primary school and Tak Sun Primary schools, were invited to visit us and attend some program tailor made for them. The students first had a little tour around our campus and followed by activity time in the school chapel and Classroom 6B. The committee members of Catholic Student Association helped out in many of these visits. With their “presence”, all our young visitors enjoyed the activities and a unique religious experience in our school.

F.1 Admission Interview Day 2017-2018

On 10th March, we interviewed all Primary 6 candidates who applied for our F.1 discretionary places next year. Since we only have 38 discretionary places, these means the competition was really fierce. While the student candidates were having interviews with our teachers, parents were invited to a talk in the hall. Thanks to combined effort of our staff, students and parent helpers, the Admission Interview Day was concluded smoothly. Good luck to all the candidates and we look forward to welcoming them into our Xaverian community soon.

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