Some students wondered why the school held the SFXC60 Walkathon. Mr. Shing explained the importance of the fundraising event.

We walk for the past. Some of our school facilities such as air-conditioners, computers, desks and chairs, or renovation of the campus were funded by the donations raised in the past anniversary walkathons.

We walk for the present. This walkathon also represents a family event which included everyone in the school and members associated with the school such as alumni, ex-teachers, or even the principal and students from St. Francis Xavier’s School, Tsuen Wan. It is more than just a walk. It bonds us together and strengthens our unity and family spirit.

We walk for the future. Besides the donations being used for the upgrade of school facilities for enhancing learning and teaching, we also pass on our evolution to future Xaverians. As we have benefited much from the people in the past, the walkathon is a means for us to repay to our school.

We should thank those who contributed much to our school and for the better of our students. In return, we should actively participate in the 60th anniversary celebrative activities and help the school in any way that we can.