Vocation: Marist Brother

In the morning assembly, Brother John shared his vocation and reason of being a Marist Brother. Being a Christian requires daily commitment, generosity, selflessness, openness, and perseverance. He became a Brother at a young age because he received God’s call and accepted His invitation that would lead him on a path to happiness and fulfillment. Brother John received support and guidance from others, especially his uncle who was once a Marist Brother, and eventually he developed a deep attraction to the Brothers’ life.

With his religious and educational experience, Brother John became a Teaching Brother in a community of French origin. He felt that God had everything planned and controlled for him. Brother John was grateful and pleased with his life. The rich experiences, sense of belonging, large social network, and the joy of being with the young kept him being a Brother and devoted to his mission. He reminded us to believe in God and hand over everything to Him when things get tough. God will help us get through problems and lead us the right way. He encouraged the boys to take up the challenge on becoming a Marist Brother one day and dedicate their life for the juvenile.