Perseverance in Attaining Goals

We have been told numerous stories about famous athletes and how they became successful through setting goals SMARTly. Here, SMART stands for Specific (S), Measureable (M), Attainable (A), Realistic (R) and Timely (T). Mr. Pong reminded us that setting SMART goals was not the end of the successful stories. In order to achieve these goals, one has to persevere in working towards them one by one. We were advised to look to our school motto, “Resolute in Action”, for wisdom. Resolute means determined and unwavering, which captures the spirit of perseverance in face of difficulties. So if you have not yet set your term goals SMARTly, do so without delay. For those who already have clear goals, do not quit them easily. Persevere in attaining your goals and with each little step you take, you are on your way towards being successful.