The Self-Discipline Muscle

Today, Mr. Pong shared with us his insights on self-discipline using weight training as an analogy. His secret in building the self-discipline muscle is to push your limits in self-discipline bit by bit on a regular basis. As we all possess a certain level of self-discipline, we should challenge ourselves just a few paces beyond our comfort zones and repeat consistently. In time, our ability in self-control will improve like trained muscles. According to Mr. Pong, if you spend more than 2 hours gaming daily instead of revising school work, it is impossible for you to convert all those gaming hours to studying immediately. However, you can start with 1-hour or even 30-minute conversion daily for one week and slowly make progress from there.

As we all know that people with high level of self-discipline are usually more successful in all everything they do, let’s start training our self-discipline muscle today. Waste no time Xaverians, the final exam is nigh!