We are a Catholic School

This morning, Mr. Iu asked us what made SFXC special. Surprisingly, his answer was not our free school spirit, nor our EMI status. It was “We are a Catholic School. To be more precise, we are a Marist School.” Quoting St. Mercellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers, Mr. Iu stressed that “our role is to make Jesus Christ known and loved”. He believed that this was not the work of human hands but a divine task accomplished only by the Holy Spirit. There may be less than 10% of our students who are Catholics, but the core values of Catholic Education have been embedded in our school life since the founding day of SFXC. So when we are asked again for the quality that makes SFXC stand out as a school, our answers should unanimously be “We are a Marist School!”