The Precious Independent Thinking

During the morning assembly on 9th October, Mr. Leung, our vice-principal, delivered us a message on the topic of “Independent Thinking”. Using the plot from the famous post-war avant-garde drama, “Rhinoceros”, written by Eugène Ionesco, Mr. Leung illustrated to us how difficult, yet important, for us to remain as independent thinkers. He also demonstrated his point by citing the life stories of history –making scientists Galileo Galilei, Gregory Mendel and Barry Marshall, who challenged the established knowledge and left noticeable marks in the history of scientific discovery. Mr. Leung encouraged us to be independent thinkers by accumulating knowledge, thinking logically, keeping an open mind and being sceptical. Let’s take Mr. Leung’s message to our hearts and be bold in our thinking, so that SFXC will be remembered as a breeding ground for avant-garde thinkers instead of mindless rhinos.