This morning, Mr. Shing shared with us a message about perseverance. He encouraged us to endure hardship by using the inspiring story of Jeff Goins, a U.S. bestselling author, who persisted in his recovering journey to run marathon again after a crippling car accident. Mr. Shing revealed to us two things he learned from Mr. Goings’ story. One, we should expect hardship and accept that there will be bumpy stages in our plans. But if we have a plan, we won’t lose sight and we will always have a goal that we can persist to achieve. Two, “perseverance creates more perseverance”. We only have to take the hardest first step, and then it will become easier to stick with our goal. This echoes with the Book of Roman in the Bible, Chapter 5, telling us that “hardship develops perseverance, and perseverance develops a tested character, something that gives us hope”. We might face challenges in our journeys, and sometimes, disappointments and failures are part of the whole package towards success. Let us not lose hope in the face of hardship and persevere towards the final victory. Go Xaverians!