Say “No” to Bullying

This morning, Vice Principal Mr. Leung shared with us a children’s book, called “I Dissent”, written by Debbie Levy. It is a book about the story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second female Justice (judge of the Supreme Court of United States) in the U.S. history. Using approachable language and storytelling techniques, the author introduces to readers the life story of Justice Ginsburg, the iconic fighter for gender equality in the States. Mr. Leung used Ginsburg’s daring endeavours of fighting social injustices against overwhelming odds for people with little power to inspire us, to stand up against bullying, both for ourselves and for those who were powerless to resist. Absolute social justice is difficult to achieve, but as a Catholic school which upholds “Justice” as one of the five core values, we should strife hard to maintain a bullying-free school community. Should we see any bullying taking place physically, verbally and even in the cyber world, we should stand up and say “No, I dissent!”