The Essence of Sportsmanship

Today Mr. Mario Leung shared with us a touching real-life story as dramatic as any youth manga. The Koshien Stadium, which embodies the pinnacle of Japanese high school baseball competition, recently staged a championship battle featuring the Kanaashi Agricultural High School Baseball Team. Mr. Leung described the team as a ragtag team of humble origin, yet they had an ambitious dream. Ultimately, they lost the game to the league giant, Osaka Toin High School, which was way above their league in every aspect. Yet, the Kanaashi Team won national respect in their final defeat, a result more triumphant than victory per se. Their story even moved the heaven to display a rainbow over the Koshien Stadium to congratulate their epic demonstration of sportsmanship. Mr. Leung used the story to encourage us to do our best in the coming Athletic Meet Day 2. He reminded us that there was something more transcendent and valuable in our epic struggles to overcome challenges than winning medals in competitions. Let’s put up a good show of sportsmanship in the coming Athletic Meet and show our proud spirits as the Xaverians.