Let It Be!

On 29th October 2018, Mr. Ching, our vice principal, shared with us a song that inspired him a lot. It was called “Let it be”, written and performed by Paul McCartney, as a member of the pop rock band Beatles in the 70’s. According to Mr. Ching, the message of “Let It Be” was not about giving up or taking up a nihilistic view towards the world. Instead, it was a call to let go of what was weighing us down and to take on a very positive outlook of life. It was meant to be a comfort to those who were facing hardship and defeats as there were ultimate meanings to them yet to be revealed. Mr. Ching used the song to encourage all who had disappoints in their performances in the recent athletic meets. Let’s take Mr. Ching’s message to our hearts and embrace our challenges with a smile because “there will be an answer, let it be!”