Journey to the West, a Journey of Growth

On 4th March 2019, Mr. Leung gave us an interesting message about the journey of growth using the well-known Chinese novel, Journey to the West (西遊記). Mr. Leung explained that each character in the 4-man team represented an aspect of human nature. According to Mr. Leung’s interpretation, the righteous monk leader symbolized our moral conscience; the monkey king represented our hearts, full of potential yet untamed; Pigsy (豬八戒) symbolized human desires while Sandy (沙僧) represented our burden and past. Mr. Leung encouraged us to listen to our consciences, tame our hearts, control our desires and learn from our past, and to walk our journey of learning and growth just like the Journey to the West. We were encouraged to overcome lots of obstacles and to slay many monsters to attain the final goal, which could be the experience of the very journey itself, just as depicted in the ending of the novel.

Let’s absorb Mr. Leung’s encouragement. Whether we stumbled or were triumphant in the first term, the journey continues. So learn our lessons and keep moving forward.