The Master of Your Life

On 8th April 2019, Brother John asked each of us an important question, “Who is the master of your life?” He pointed out that though most people nowadays claimed that they were masters of their own lives but in reality, they were enslaved by something when God was not the master, and most likely by Satan. Explaining from his own personal experience, Brother John highlighted that we were not well-suited to be masters to make all important life decisions because we were ignorant and selfish. He urged us to submit our lives’ authority to the Lord, who is the all-knowing creator who loves us.

This is not an easy message to take in. Giving up authority sounds like a powerless act but think about it, Jesus has shown us that there was more power in submission to the highest power. Through his humble submission to His Father’s will, He accomplished the unimaginable and changed the history of the world.