Prayer in Dark Times

After more than a month of eventful Mondays, our principal Mr. Iu was finally able to deliver our first Weekly Message for 2019-2020 school year on 21st October 2019. Raising the questions of what we could do during this dark hour of our generation, Mr. Iu shared with all students a radio interview with Cardinal Tong. In his interview, Cardinal Tong encouraged us not to stop praying as we could experience God the most in the darkest hour and the lowest valley of our life. Prayer could also transform us to face challenges courageously. The Cardinal ensured us that God’s presence among us had never changed despite the drastic changes we experience in the past 5 months. He also encouraged us to find comfort from trustworthy friends and avoid getting overwhelmed by anger, as it only arouse bitterness and violence.

Let’s maintain a pure heart and turn ourselves to God in this moment of uncertainty. Have peace in our prayers, know that the darkness will pass and we will see answers we so desperately needed.