The Principles behind Goal Setting

This morning, Mr. Pong reiterated his important message about the principles behind goal setting. He used the acronym “S.M.A.R.T.” to help us remember these 5 principles: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. He also used basketball legend, Michael Jordon’s famous life lesson as an illustration of the importance of “S.M.A.R.T” goal setting. Let’s take this lesson to our hearts and set our goals SMARTly. We may not all be Michael Jordon but we will all achieve something far greater than what we have now if we follow the formula.

Winning through Setting Precise Goals

This morning, Mr. Iu taught us the importance of goal-setting and challenged us to set focused goal for this academic year. He used a psychology experiment to illustrate to us that only the students with full knowledge of their exact destinations, correct routes and designated checkpoints to make progress reflection could make it through a very challenging race. Let’s take this message to hearts and set precise goals and milestones for our studies this year.

We are a Catholic School

This morning, Mr. Iu asked us what made SFXC special. Surprisingly, his answer was not our free school spirit, nor our EMI status. It was “We are a Catholic School. To be more precise, we are a Marist School.” Quoting St. Mercellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers, Mr. Iu stressed that “our role is to make Jesus Christ known and loved”. He believed that this was not the work of human hands but a divine task accomplished only by the Holy Spirit. There may be less than 10% of our students who are Catholics, but the core values of Catholic Education have been embedded in our school life since the founding day of SFXC. So when we are asked again for the quality that makes SFXC stand out as a school, our answers should unanimously be “We are a Marist School!”

The Happiest Days in One’s Life

What are the happiest days in one’s life? School supervisor Brother Joseph told us today that these days were definitely the days in one’s secondary school life. Brother Joseph encouraged us to be happy when coming to study in SFXC not simply because this is a great school, but also because of the free spirit that so characterizes our school. In addition, the highly qualified and caring teachers stationing here make us proud to be a Xaverian. But to overcome the somewhat tedious side of our school life, like finishing assignments and sitting exams, Brother Joseph offered us three words starting with A’s: Attitude, Ask and Active. If we take this advice of bringing positive attitudes to school, asking questions when we encounter learning difficulties and actively involving ourselves in all kinds of school activity, secondary school life will definitely be the happiest days in our future memories.

Concern for Others

Today, Mr. Iu urged us to show concerns beyond our personal interests using the tragedy of Kitty Genovese’s Murder. The bone-chilling story perfectly illustrated the concept of Bystander Effect, which explained the human behavior of inaction in light of others’ needs. Although we don’t often see the tragic consequence of human apathy like Kitty Genovese’s Murder, we experience Bystander Effect in our school community every day. Mr. Iu shared with us how he had witnessed students walking pass litter on the playground as it was invisible or feeling indifferent when a charity donation box was passed among them. As we are all in a time of great needs, especially emotionally, let’s take heed of Mr. Iu’s appeal: “be sensitive to other’s needs and offer help”. Keep an eye out for your fellow Xaverians!

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