Weekly Message – Genius or Not?

This morning, Mr. Shing gave us an inspiring message about our common misconception about genius. Using quotes from the iconic scientist Albert Einstein, Mr. Shing illustrated to us that true genius stem from diligence and creativity. They are something we all have and can be cultivated. So don’t think for a second that your destiny is limited by your inherent intelligence. As Einstein had allegedly written, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Genius or not is determined by your own actions.

The Miracles of the Namiya General Store

This morning, Mr. Leung shared with us his reflections after watching “The Miracles of the Namuya General Store”, a Japanese Drama that has tugged the heartstrings of a lot of people around the world. Using the story and his learnt insights, Mr. Leung encouraged us to listen to the voice of our hearts, to do little good whenever possible and to incline on Jesus for support amidst overwhelming challenges in our lives. Those are sound advice that might change our lives or the lives of others if we take it into our hearts.

Learning from Stephen Hawking

This morning, Mr. Iu gave us a morning message about overcoming odds and making good use of our time. Using the life story of Steven Hawking, the late renowned astrophysicist, Mr. Iu inspired us to overcome our limitations and to live our life to the fullest as if our days were numbered. Steven Hawking himself had mentioned this countless times that it was this fighting spirit and the today-could-be-my-last mentality that had transformed him from a lazy physics student to a giant in the field. We may not all become Steven Hawking but we can all learn something from him and become a bit more proactive in our lives.

One Thing We Lack

This morning, Brother John gave us a morning message about our perceived lacks. He warned us that the materialistic culture always demanded us to keep up with the latest trend and to keep in our possession the latest, the fastest and the most popular things. As a result, we always feel that we are lacking something. Brother John reminded us that if we treasured these temporary and tangible objects, we would always be disappointed. In fact, he pointed out that the one thing we really lack was Jesus. The Lord Himself is the real treasure we should firmly pursue. Luckily, a good relationship with Jesus is not as expensive or temporary compared with our cell phones. Let’s pursue the real treasure and in doing so, we will find our lives brimmed with blessings and satisfactions instead of a constant dread of lacking.

Reflection on Mobile Games Addiction

This morning, Mr. Shing shared a message on Mobile games addiction. He was alarmed by the fact that some students were too immersed in the mobile game worlds that they neglected their studies, social lives and even sleeps. He didn’t blatantly condemn playing mobile games but he did suggest us to be wise, which could simply be translated into “study first, play afterwards”. Please take Mr. Shing’s advice and “be wise”!

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