Prayer in Dark Times

After more than a month of eventful Mondays, our principal Mr. Iu was finally able to deliver our first Weekly Message for 2019-2020 school year on 21st October 2019. Raising the questions of what we could do during this dark hour of our generation, Mr. Iu shared with all students a radio interview with Cardinal Tong. In his interview, Cardinal Tong encouraged us not to stop praying as we could experience God the most in the darkest hour and the lowest valley of our life. Prayer could also transform us to face challenges courageously. The Cardinal ensured us that God’s presence among us had never changed despite the drastic changes we experience in the past 5 months. He also encouraged us to find comfort from trustworthy friends and avoid getting overwhelmed by anger, as it only arouse bitterness and violence.

Let’s maintain a pure heart and turn ourselves to God in this moment of uncertainty. Have peace in our prayers, know that the darkness will pass and we will see answers we so desperately needed.

Lesson of Humility from The Savior of Mothers

On 20th May 2019, Mr. Leung, our vice-principal, gave us an important message about humility through the tragic life story of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian obstetrician who was considered the “savior of mothers”. Mr. Leung explained that Dr. Semmelweis was a genius in using scientific method to isolate the cause of Puerperal Fever, the number one killer in child delivery ward at that time. Through his careful observation, Dr. Semmelweis first conceptualized the existence of disease-casing particles, germs, and developed very simple antiseptic procedures that drastically increased the survival rate of mothers during childbirths. Yet for his arrogance and those of his contemporaries, his discovery was not widely accepted in his life time until much later. Mr. Leung challenged us to work with others with a humble heart. To be humble and gentle when communicating is difficult when we are so eager to show others that we are right. But until we learn to do so, our geniuses might just be stumbling blocks for us and for others.

Be Humble

On 6th May 2019, Mr. Iu gave us a simple message of life and being humble. Using the roller-coaster-like life story of Michael Schumacher, the legendary figure in F1-Fomula racing, Mr. Iu illustrated that life was very fragile and unpredictable. He pointed out that anybody at the peak of his life or career could fall to pit bottom when life took a sharp turn, like Schumacher did when he was paralyzed from a skiing accident at the peak of his racing career. So we should all be humble in front of the Lord who is the ultimate master of life and don’t take wonderful things in our life for granted.

Regardless of our situations in life, good or bad, high or low, let’s take a step back and appreciate what the Lord has given us and realize that we are nothing without these gifts.

The Master of Your Life

On 8th April 2019, Brother John asked each of us an important question, “Who is the master of your life?” He pointed out that though most people nowadays claimed that they were masters of their own lives but in reality, they were enslaved by something when God was not the master, and most likely by Satan. Explaining from his own personal experience, Brother John highlighted that we were not well-suited to be masters to make all important life decisions because we were ignorant and selfish. He urged us to submit our lives’ authority to the Lord, who is the all-knowing creator who loves us.

This is not an easy message to take in. Giving up authority sounds like a powerless act but think about it, Jesus has shown us that there was more power in submission to the highest power. Through his humble submission to His Father’s will, He accomplished the unimaginable and changed the history of the world.

It’s Your Family, Not just Your Parents’

On 1st April 2019, Mr. Shing gave us a simple yet profound message about family, which one of the 5 Catholic core values. The simple message was that ‘my family not only belongs to my parents but to me as well’. It sounds trivial but how many times have we placed responsibilities and even blames on our parents when we equally responsible? It is as if we have forgotten our roles as a family member when something bad happens in the family.

Let’s absorb Mr. Shing message to our hearts, put down own phones and spend some time with our family tonight. Remember that when bad things happen in the family, you can do something as well.

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