Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming soon. Mr. Shing reminded us to do something special for our mothers. Although buying gifts or writing a card is a common practice for some people to express their love and gratitude for their mothers, we could also have small talks with our mothers. Mothers are very interested in knowing more about their children. Topics could be anything from experiences to worries and career. Students could also show more interest about their mothers’ life and take the initiative to ask about her feelings or perspectives.

Mr. Shing also suggested the boys making a ‘Thank you’ list and recording the things that their mothers have done for them. For those who seldom express appreciation to their mothers, this annual event is a chance for us to show our love and care.

Vocation: Marist Brother

In the morning assembly, Brother John shared his vocation and reason of being a Marist Brother. Being a Christian requires daily commitment, generosity, selflessness, openness, and perseverance. He became a Brother at a young age because he received God’s call and accepted His invitation that would lead him on a path to happiness and fulfillment. Brother John received support and guidance from others, especially his uncle who was once a Marist Brother, and eventually he developed a deep attraction to the Brothers’ life.

With his religious and educational experience, Brother John became a Teaching Brother in a community of French origin. He felt that God had everything planned and controlled for him. Brother John was grateful and pleased with his life. The rich experiences, sense of belonging, large social network, and the joy of being with the young kept him being a Brother and devoted to his mission. He reminded us to believe in God and hand over everything to Him when things get tough. God will help us get through problems and lead us the right way. He encouraged the boys to take up the challenge on becoming a Marist Brother one day and dedicate their life for the juvenile.

The importance of resilience when overcoming adversities

Mr. Leung reminded us that resilience can help us overcome adversity and create positive outcome in life, work and relationships.

Resilience can help us deal with failure by thinking positively. We must not blame ourselves or other people. We must not give up when we face difficulties. We must learn from our mistakes and aim for success. We should possess a strong desire to empower us the ability to face all kinds of adversities. If we could overcome hardships, we would achieve success in the end.

In the Way of Mary

Mr. Pong shared the importance of Mary and how she is a significant role model to our school, the Marist Brothers and Catholic Church. Mary has always been an inspiration to us to live a better life and to do things fervently. She was courageous and optimistic in life. Mary wholeheartedly offered herself to God and accepted God’s invitation to participate in his work. She unconditionally cared for others and always put them ahead of her. Everyone loved to be with her as she brought joy and peace to the atmosphere.

Learning and following Mary’s way would allow us to fully live our lives. We should open ourselves to God and offer our acceptance to His invitation. We should care for others in need and put them ahead of ourselves. We should love one another and bring harmony to our family, school and community by being gentle, patient and generous to our parents, teachers, schoolmates and neighbours.


Some students wondered why the school held the SFXC60 Walkathon. Mr. Shing explained the importance of the fundraising event.

We walk for the past. Some of our school facilities such as air-conditioners, computers, desks and chairs, or renovation of the campus were funded by the donations raised in the past anniversary walkathons.

We walk for the present. This walkathon also represents a family event which included everyone in the school and members associated with the school such as alumni, ex-teachers, or even the principal and students from St. Francis Xavier’s School, Tsuen Wan. It is more than just a walk. It bonds us together and strengthens our unity and family spirit.

We walk for the future. Besides the donations being used for the upgrade of school facilities for enhancing learning and teaching, we also pass on our evolution to future Xaverians. As we have benefited much from the people in the past, the walkathon is a means for us to repay to our school.

We should thank those who contributed much to our school and for the better of our students. In return, we should actively participate in the 60th anniversary celebrative activities and help the school in any way that we can.

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