In the Way of Mary

Mr. Pong shared the importance of Mary and how she is a significant role model to our school, the Marist Brothers and Catholic Church. Mary has always been an inspiration to us to live a better life and to do things fervently. She was courageous and optimistic in life. Mary wholeheartedly offered herself to God and accepted God’s invitation to participate in his work. She unconditionally cared for others and always put them ahead of her. Everyone loved to be with her as she brought joy and peace to the atmosphere.

Learning and following Mary’s way would allow us to fully live our lives. We should open ourselves to God and offer our acceptance to His invitation. We should care for others in need and put them ahead of ourselves. We should love one another and bring harmony to our family, school and community by being gentle, patient and generous to our parents, teachers, schoolmates and neighbours.


Some students wondered why the school held the SFXC60 Walkathon. Mr. Shing explained the importance of the fundraising event.

We walk for the past. Some of our school facilities such as air-conditioners, computers, desks and chairs, or renovation of the campus were funded by the donations raised in the past anniversary walkathons.

We walk for the present. This walkathon also represents a family event which included everyone in the school and members associated with the school such as alumni, ex-teachers, or even the principal and students from St. Francis Xavier’s School, Tsuen Wan. It is more than just a walk. It bonds us together and strengthens our unity and family spirit.

We walk for the future. Besides the donations being used for the upgrade of school facilities for enhancing learning and teaching, we also pass on our evolution to future Xaverians. As we have benefited much from the people in the past, the walkathon is a means for us to repay to our school.

We should thank those who contributed much to our school and for the better of our students. In return, we should actively participate in the 60th anniversary celebrative activities and help the school in any way that we can.

Lenten Preparation

To prepare well for the Lenten Period, Mr. Leung shared the true meaning of Lent and his reflection of this spiritual season. Lent is a time for us to reflect, pray, self-deny and focus on God and love. Praying and practicing self-denial are good preparation for Lent. We could train our self-discipline and restrain from temptations. Although self-denial may seem to be an immediate loss, if we can withhold our desires and pleasures, it could bring a larger reward or long-term happiness.

Besides giving something up, the Lenten Period is also a time for us to give something to the poor and needy, such as service or financial support. The boys are encouraged to offer help to anyone they see while making a small donation would also be an ample assistance to the needy.

The Season of Lent

Lent is a special time for Christians to prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. Brother John reminded students to self-reflect on Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. It is a time for devotion and prayer that focuses one’s thoughts on God rather than on self.

To fast is to take preventive measures against wrongdoings to reform thoroughly, guard against temptations and renounce hobbies and desires. Although it is difficult to restrain from temptation, we need to learn to discipline our minds. Students could try consuming less junk food, spending less time on computer or electronic games, controlling their temper or restrain from laziness, and in turn, do something productive and offer services to others.

The Year of the Goat

As Chinese New Year is coming, Mr. Pong shared the meaning of the Year of the Goat. The characteristics of the goats are similar to the school motto: Gentle in Manner; Resolute in Action. As goats are polite, gentle and mild, they represent obedience, harmony and calmness. However, they are also resilient and strong on the inside.

Sheep are significant animals. They played an important role in the Bible. Sheep were used to sacrifice for humans’ sins as they were deemed to bear them, just as Jesus sacrificed his life for the forgiveness of humans’ sins.

Students were reminded to be gentle to others, act resolutely when facing difficulties, follow our shepherd, Jesus, and listen to His teaching.

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