Principal Speech

The world, including Hong Kong, is experiencing a pandemic which affects all nations and the life of every human being, including yours and mine. The world order has been turned upside down. Our society has been shut down. Like all other schools, we have been suspended for months.

To some of you, the school suspension is like a kind of ‘vacation’ when the world around is plunged into chaos and fear. I am sure that some of you have spent a lot of time on computer or mobile games. Some may play till midnight and wake up at noon or even worse. When parents want to interfere such an unhealthy habit, quarrels and clashes ensue in many families.

As a student of SFXC, you should know what we advocate. We emphasize ‘SELF-DISCIPLINE’. The school suspension is a time of trial, testing whether you are a self-disciplined student, a REAL learner. A self-disciplined learner does not need the urging of others. When the teachers assign an e-learning task or set a particular time for live lesson, you will commit to submit the assignment on time and follow the lesson schedule punctually.

However, I expect you to be a self-disciplined learner not only to learn by following our scheduled ‘timetable’. You have to set your own learning schedule as well. If you are a real learner, learning is your priority, your main concern. You will then take initiative in learning. You are the one who treasure the process of learning and count every piece of knowledge you accumulated on this journey. If you are a real learner, you don’t limit yourself to learn only in a particular area. During school suspension, other than the scheduled online lessons, you may choose what you like to work on more. e.g. doing some Mathematics calculation or checking up meanings from dictionary. You may even browse interesting topics on the internet and pick up a new hobby. You may experiment some new cooking recipes, do some intensive physical training at home or start learning to play a musical instrument by following a demo on YouTube.

My dear Xaverians, are you real learners? When school resumes and we can see each other face to face, can you tell me what you have done during the school suspension? What new things have you learned? What new skills have you acquired?

I don’t know when our life can return to normal and I don’t know how long this tough time will last. But one thing I do know: the summer holidays are over. It is time for us to resume learning and teaching. My major concern now is that how to make learning and teaching smoothly go on under the pandemic.

May we all have a wonderful school year moving onwards to 2020-2021.