St. Francis Xavier's College

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The Inauguration Ceremony of the English Ambassadors was held successfully on 24th February, 2011 during the morning assembly.

Swimming Gala 2013

{gallery}Gallery/2012-2013/20130524{/gallery} The 12th Swimming Gala was held in Kowloon Tsai Swimming Pool on 24th May. Mr. Ho encouraged all the athletes to try their best in all competitions. All the open,

Graduation Day 2013

{gallery}Gallery/2012-2013/20130518{/gallery} The 58th Graduation Ceremony was successfully held on Saturday, 18th May 2013. This year, we were more than happy to have Mr. Ko Tak Yiu, Peter, the Chairman of Living

SFX Talentine 2013 (with Video Highlights)

{gallery}Gallery/2012-2013/20130420{/gallery} SFX Talentine was successfully held on April 20 in the Champagnat Hall. Both the afternoon and the night shows were filled with guests, students, parents and teachers. The performances were

Athletics Meet 2012

{gallery}Gallery/2012-2013/20120926{/gallery} The 46th Athletics Meet was held on September 24th and 26th in Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground. On the first day, our Vice-Principal Mr. Iu led us to pray before all

ATHLETICS MEET 2013 Swimming Gala 2013 Graduation Day 2013 SFX Talentine 2013 (with Video Highlights) Athletics Meet 2012 SFXC Logo

Goal achieving

On November 26, Mr. Shing shared with us his views on students’ determination to achieve the goals they set. He has mixed feelings on this issue.

On one hand, he was glad to discover some thought-provoking goals posted on the display boards in the classrooms.On the other hand, he felt ironic to know that some students have been copying homework continuously......


Inter-School Swimming Championships

Our School Swimming Team took part in the HKSSF Inter-School Swimming Championships 2012-2013 and came out with flying colours. Altogether, they won 8 medals in a number of individual and team events (Please refer to the list of medal winners)...


Yau Tsim Mong PTA School Parade

On November 24th, about 740 students and teachers from 15 primary schools in the Yau Tsim Mong District visited our school as part of this year’s “Yau Tsim Mong PTA School Parade”. Eight briefing sessions were held on that day for the different schools.......



On November 19, Mr. Pong used a story about King Solomon to talk about respect and told us some concrete ways of showing respect in class.

One day, a beggar saw King Solomon and thus bowed in front of him to show respect. Then, King Solomon bowed back. His general did not understand why the King had to do that.......


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