School Life ( 6C 28 )

As a secondary school student, it is inevitable to gain pressure from different perspectives including academic results, our family or even from our peers. The problem is more common and severe in senior forms since they will have to face the public examination very soon. In order not to get stressed, it is vital for us to handle these pressures well. Otherwise, we will be suffering from depression and our performance will also be affected.

There are thousands of ways for us to alleviate the pressure we gain from our daily life but what’s more important is that we have to find the way which suits us the most. As long as we all have our own way to release the pressure, our mental conditions will remain normal and healthy.

In general, I believe the best method to control our pressure is to have sufficient sleep. Once you have got enough sleep, you will have nothing to worry about. Moreover, having a good night’s sleep keeps us conscious, which provides us with a clear mind to gain knowledge at school. With all these positive effects, handling your pressure is just a piece of cake.

Now, I would like to tell all of you my special way to relax, which is reading fashion magazines. I have been reading fashion magazines since primary school and fashion is also one of my many interests. When I get tired or stressed, I’ll randomly pick one from my book shelf and start flipping through it. I will be delighted whenever I see stylish clothes from all around the world and how celebrities mix and match their gowns in order to shine bright on the red carpet.

In short, everyone has his own way to release his pressure. Just find the suitable one and you will be able to overcome most of your hardships.

By TO Man Fung 6C (28)