How I manage academic pressure! ( 6C 33 )

Examinations have long been a part of my life, especially as I live in Hong Kong, A “paradise” for workaholics. Therefore, pressure always stays with me. Taking this short essay as an example, it took me three days to prepare and write it. In order to relieve my stress, I always do the following two things which I think are effective.

Developing a long-term hobby is the easiest solution to alleviating stress. When we are concentrating on the things we are interested in, we can forget the hard times of doing lots of homework and assessments. My hobby is playing basketball. To most of the people, it is not special at all. In my opinion, considering the imminent arrival of public examinations, we should choose a hobby which is as ordinary as possible instead of some requiring special tools or venues like fencing. It is difficult to hold a fencing match every week as it’s expensive and time-consuming. Selecting long-term hobbies instead of one-off ones can ensure the stability of time management. Changing a hobby during the examination period may mess up our timetables and it may take time to learn a new sport or a musical instrument. Therefore, finding a long-term hobby can help relieve our stress from academic work.

Having a positive attitude towards examinations can also help us to have stable emotions. It is impossible to convince ourselves that studying is always fun and pressure-free but we can treat them as other things that we like. Taking those examinations as a mission from our parents may push our negative moods to the peak and we will lose our motivation. Instead, treating them as something we love can help release our pressure and even boost our studying efficiency. For example, since most of us enjoy staying with our friends, we can treat the HKDSE as a battle we fight together with our peers. Having the support from each other can motivate us to work more effectively, efficiently and most importantly, more happily!

To conclude, pressure is everywhere. So why don’t we just treat it with a positive attitude. If I have a choice on my lifestyle again, I would still choose to live under some pressure because considerable pressure pushes me further and makes my life more meaningful.

I hope everyone enjoys studying more and handles their pressure with a positive attitude.

By Wu Chun 6C (33)