Bonfire Night ( 5D 17 )

Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. I am Leung Yik Hung of F.5D.

I love watching Japanese animations, Psycho-Pass, Daily Lives of High School Boys, pretty much all of them. But there is one thing I am curious about, many anime mention an activity about students having party around a huge fire after Bunkasai, the Japanese's high school festival. Curiosity leads everything, that I started a search on the internet, Bonfire.

Although I seldom heard this before in Hong Kong, bonfire is actually a popular cultural activity around the globe, like the Daimonji in Kyoto, Hidrellez day in Turkey, "Burning the Witches" in Czech Republic.

Besides, the United Kingdom, along with some commonwealth countries, also have a variation of bonfire-included cultural activities. Take the Guy Fawkes Day as an example, which is also known as Bonfire Night and takes place every year on the 5th November,

If you have ever been to London you are sure to have visited the Houses of Parliament which is the government house in the UK. In the year 1605 five men tried to blow up this building because they were against the king and his laws.

On the night of the 5th November – a man called Guy Fawkes went down into the cellar, but before he could light the gunpowder bomb, he was arrested and tortured until he gave the names of the other members

To this Day the UK celebrates this plan and each year, people have bonfires around the country to celebrate the plot's failure.

Thankfully the houses of parliament were not destroyed – because it is a beautiful building – if you ever go to London be sure to visit the cellar – some of the original barrels from the gunpowder plot are still there – although I am sure they are empty now!

That's all of my sharing, thank you for listening

By Leung Yik Hung 5D (17)