Goal Setting ( 5A 09 )

Good morning everyone. My name is Patrick. I am here to share some experiences about goal setting. Starting from last year, our Principal introduced it to everyone. Every student had to write down their goal and ways in which they would try to achieve it.

I remember I set the goal that I wanted to read 30 books last year, however, I failed. I thought I had a lot of time at the very beginning so I put it aside. Day by day, I found I had very little time left. It was going to be impossible to read 30 books.

I failed because of my poor time management. I felt quite angry with myself about this. I tried to evaluate my own way and adjust it. I set my goal be read 40 books this year. I bought a big A3 piece of paper. I drew a big mind map and I asked myself 4 questions; why did I set this goal? How could I achieve it? What do I need to do to achieve it? And what is the consequence if I don’t succeed?

Finally, I separated it into some smaller goals.

This year, I will try to finish one book each week. 40 weeks later, the work will be done. This is what Mr Iu said, “find something achievable and manage the time successfully”

Thank for you listening and good luck with your goal setting this year!

By Guan Patrick 5A (9)