Athletics Meet ( 5B 35 )

Good morning everyone! On the 6th October, the first day of the annual athletics meet took place.

First of all, I would like to express my deep appreciation and adoration to all the athletes, for their effort on the first day of sports day, also to those who stayed in their team house, cheering and supporting their house- athletes.

The Form 1 Cheering Team competition has always been our school’s tradition. In addition, to the cheering performance on the second day, their cheering performance really gives athletes the courage to continue their race even when they are feeling tired. Even giving them an applause is one of the best ways to encourage them!

Over my past 5 years at SFXC I have always been one of the participants in the sports day, what I like most is the relay race because during this race we can really show our teamwork. Relay races require all 4 people to work together and yet compete against others. If and when the first man falls behind [others], the subsequent runners need to give even more effort, this is how teamwork works. It’s not enough to rely on only one’s strength no matter how good it is; but really rely on the whole team. I believe people will not doubt those who gave their best at the athletics meet. On the second day athletes still continue to give their best.

What we learn is sportsmanship and throughout both sports day, the relationship and bond between friends and competitors becomes even closer and stronger. I do love sports day because it’s a game time for the participants and a competition among all students!

Thank you for listening.

By YAU Chun Wan 5B (35)