Phubbing ( 3D 07 )

Nowadays, nearly everyone owns a smartphone. Do you have one too? I think your answer is yes! The invention of these devices has brought us much convenience and many benefits, and I am sure I don’t need to tell you of those! The arrival of smartphones has brought about many adventures too. Many apps are attractive to people too. For example ‘Facebook, WhatsApp,Instagram‘. These apps also affect our studies, work and even our eyes. Do you want to wear glasses? So we should manage our time well. How long do you phub each day. One hour? Two hours? More?

Why people are affected by the different games apps is also a mystery. Is it because the apps are very interesting? If people always phubmobile, how to they communicate? I think you will say, they can talk or chatted via social media or messaging apps. But is this what we call communication?

FOO Tsz Chung 3D (07)