Remembrance Day ( 4A 04 )

Good morning everyone, today is the remembrance day of WW I. The war begun 28thJuly in 1914. On that day, Austro-Hungarians declared war on Serbia. And soon, the war had spread all around of Europe. There were two opposing alliances involved in this war, which were the Allies and Central Power. The Allies was based in 3 countries, United Kingdom, France and ‘the Russian Empire’. Central Power was based in Germany and ‘Austro-Hungary’. The war lasted 4 years. On11thNovember1918, the surrender of Germany meant that this war had finally ended. More that 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians died because of the war.

I think anyone wants something like this to happen again.

We are very lucky, Hong Kong doesnot have problems of war. We live in a peaceful community. But not every place on earth is at peace like us. Different countries, for example, in the Middle East are involved in war. Just like Syria or Afghanistan. People living there need to leave their homeland to other peace country or the will be die because of war. There are many people living in a much poorer environments than us. So we should really treasure the peace and quality of life that we have in Hong Kong.

We are much more fortunately than the people who involved in the war.

CHAN Victor 4A (04)