Silence is Golden ( 5B 21 )

Good morning everyone, I am going to talk about silence. By keeping silent, you really know what humanity is as you have a calmer mind so you can see the world more clearly. Especially in Hong Kong, a bustling metropolis, we should learn to stay silent. Remember that listening is far more powerful than speaking. You always learn nothing by saying, but you can learn by listening.

The art of silence is important to music. In most of the pieces, there are rests. By the rest, it leaves a space for us to imagine and digest the inputs. Here is an extreme example of the art of silence-- a piano piece called 4minutes and 33seconds by John Cage. The pianist sits in the concert hall for 4"33 and plays nothing. The comments on this piece are controversial. Anyway,what do you think of this piece? Why not listen to it later on and judge for yourself.

Thankyou for listening.

Trevin TAM 5B (21)