Eating ( 5A 02 )

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates, please allow me to ask you a simple question before the start of my speech. What do you eat during lunchtime? Pizzas orfried rice? Surely it seems to be ridiculous for us to eat only a daily pudding throughout the entire week, but my main point is, people have unhealthy eating habits nowadays, in terms of both quality and quantity. Just try to remember what you have eaten over the past few days and you will understand what I mean.

Recently, human's eating habits have been changed due to different reasons. Ancient people ate for survival, and now, we eat for enjoyment. Modern citizens consume food for tastiness without being conscious to the potential dangers of having such eating habits continuously. For example, many people across the globe have meals such asfried chicken, big mac and cheese burgers, there are many flavored food that we can hardly stay away from. Nevertheless, these savories can carry out irreversible harm to our bodies.

As people, who are the consumers, demand for tasty food, producers try to satisfy their wants by adding various flavours into their products. Salt, sugar, spice and artificial food additives are involved during the production of those food. For instance, excessive salt is usually added into different meats and vegetables for enhancing its taste, while colour retention agent are commonly used for beautifying candies, chocolates and even fruits. Nothing excessive is preferred. The behaviour of obtaining too much flavour is harmful to our body, and it may lead to different illness. It can be an indisposition, but it can also be malignant tumor, in simple, cancer.

In fact, consuming excessive flavours is not the only deleterious way of eating. In the past few years, people have been discovered of absorbing to much oil and sugar when they eat. Have you ever taste the deep fried chickens in KFC? Drumsticks and chicken wings are deep fried within a short time and loads of oil are used to shorten the time spent on cooking. after ingestion, most of the oil are absorbed by our body and fat are stored during the process of digestion. This may lead to obesity and worsen our health as cancer, stroke and heart diseases can be carried out.

To conclude, modern people have unhealthy eating habits and this trend must be stopped. Such kind of habit can harm or even kill us if it continues. Do you want to stay in the hospital just because of eating too much hamburgers? If no, try to eat healthy without hesitation. This is the end of my speech, thank you for your attention.

Nathan CHAN 5A (2)