Robots, friend or foe? ( 4D 25 )

Robots, friend or foe?

With the advancement of technology, robots are silently immersed in our daily lives. But with this advancement of technology, people have started to worry that robots beginning to harm humans. Movies about robots uncontrollably killing human and taking over planet earth are more and more popular in theatres nowadays. News of “Crusher” in recycling plants accidentally crushing people to death or disabling them can be frequently seen on television or in newspaper stories. So, are robots our friends or foes?

First, why do people invent robots? We can be sure it is because they want something to make our lives easier. That's why we robots have been invented. But why do robots pose risks or even harm human's lives? Nowadays people worry that someone will make robots to purposefully harm others, but luckily, there are campaigns to prevent this disastrous situation. One of the campaigns is called the Stop Killer Robots Campaign, their aim is to prevent countries using fully autonomous troops.

Second, deaths or injuries made by robots are most commonly made by human error. For example, the workers did not close the safety doors before switching the crushers on. In fact, these accidents can be prevented, if people obey the safety rules.

LI, Ho Ming 4D (25)