Art Club

CODE B1 Art Club
Chairman5A CHOI CHING LAM (2014-2015)
Proposed Functions
  • Comic tutorial class
  • Paper clay tutorial class
  • Water color tutorial class
  • DIY tie-dyed clothes

Art is not only a subject, but also a lifestyle. The Art Club organizes various activities to let our schoolmates know how to appreciate Art and their life.

The club also organizes exhibitions to help our fellow schoolmates understand the basics of Art. Soon they will find that art doesn't only appear in museums but everywhere.

We display the work of our members regularly on campus. This definitely provides a good opportunity for those talented in art to share their artworks with others.

Chess Club

CODE B2 Chess Club
Chairman5A MOK WING CHEUNG (2014-2015)
Proposed Functions
  • Three Kingdoms Kill Competition
  • Monopoly DEAL Competition
  • SFX King of the Chinese Chess Competition
  • Chinese Chess Training Courses
DescriptionThe Chess Club aims to provide a comfortable environment for students to play board games after school. We provide different kinds of board games like Monopoly, Three Kingdoms Kill etc. We organize various board game competitions which allow all our schoolmates to join. Besides the many board games, the club also promotes Chinese Chess in our school through organising training courses. Our school is one of the participating schools of the Hong Kong Joint School Chinese Chess Association.

Music Club

CODE B3 Music Club
Chairman5B TSUI SING LONG (2014-2015)
Proposed Functions
  • Application of Young Friends Scheme
  • Application of Hong Kong Schools Music Festival
  • Sing聲星 Singing Contest
  • Oxfam Musical Marathon 2013

The Music Club aims at providing a chance for students to enhance their knowledge in and appreciate the Western and Eastern modern music. In order to achieve this, we organize various activities and instrumental classes every year. Among them, the annual ‘Sing聲星 Singing Contest’ is one of the most popular activities in our school that attracts many students to take part in.

We also aim to provide opportunities for students with musical talents to perform. The String Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Chinese Orchestra and Choir perform in the annual variety show - Talentine. The club is also responsible for the performances at the annual Graduation Ceremony.

Drama Club

CODE B4 Drama Club
Chairman5A SUEN CHAK YAN (2014-2015)
Proposed Functions
  • Halloween Party
  • Inter-School Drama Competition
  • Watching drama shows
DescriptionThe Drama Club aims to foster students’ interest in drama and promote the art of drama through workshops and competitions. We also hope our students can develop proper attitudes towards their study and work through doing different tasks related to drama production. In a play, students will handle different roles with good cooperation with their teammates in order to stage a successful performance. Participating in a drama, students can also learn to be responsible and build up interpersonal skills.

Computer Club

CODE B5 Computer Club
Chairman5D LEUNG YIK HUNG (2014-2015)
Proposed Functions
  • Co-organiser of the over-night party for Catholic students
  • Fund-raising Game Competition
  • Typing Contest
  • Computer Hardware Course
DescriptionThe Computer Club aims at providing the latest I.T. information for our schoolmates. It is a platform for students to exchange their experience and knowledge of the computer. The club also organises different kinds of competitions related to the computer. Please support us!

Astronomy Club

CODE B6 Astronomy Club
Chairman4C KEUNG CHUEN TSUN (2014-2015)
Proposed Functions
  • Co-organiser of the over-night party for Catholic students
  • Regular Star Gazing
  • Leonids
  • Geminids
  • Perseids
  • Visit Astropark
  • Joint School Starry Camp

Are you interested in appreciating the bright stars in the sky or even exploring the universe? The club aims to promote the astronomical knowledge to our students. They can learn more about the sky and enjoy its beauty, share and develop their interest through joining the activities we organize for them.

We also organize visits and trips to let our members know more about astronomy. Our members participate in various competitions to demonstrate and sharpen their astronomical knowledge. Don’t hesitate to join us!

Animation and Comics Club

CODE B7 Animation and Comics Club
Chairman5E WONG YU KIT (2014-2015)
Proposed Functions
  • Favorite Animation and Comics Characters Election
  • Animation Tours
  • Animation and Comics Quiz Competition
  • Dialogue Design Competition
DescriptionThe Animation and Comics Club was established in 2006. We strive to promote the culture of animation and comics on our campus, leading our schoolmates to appreciate different forms of animation and comics. We provide a platform for our schoolmates to discuss and learn more about comics. Our general meetings are held on every other Wednesday. Besides the fascinating animation played during our meeting, we organize different fun activities and have discussion with our members. Please come and support us!