F.1 Admission Form

The Application Form for F.1 Admission 2020/2021 can be downloaded HERE. It is also available at the school office.

Support Measures

Academic Enhancement Strategies

To boost students’ academic achievement, there is a regular test system for all forms. For junior form students, small-class teaching is implemented in F.1 and F.2. Enhancement courses in major subjects are organized for the higher achievers, while remedial classes are conducted for less able students. Besides, academic workshops and tutorial classes for revision purposes are held on Saturdays and before the final examination respectively.

Xaverian Project

The school always values all-round education. Apart from academic studies, the school encourages students to participate in various activities, including sports, music and arts. Physical Education does not only provide physical training to students, but it also helps them develop team spirit and perseverance. Aesthetic Education aims at developing students’ creativity and appreciation of others’ work. Starting from 2014-2015, every Form One student is required to take part in at least one sport team, one music group or one aesthetic class.

Club Introduction Day

Besides the Xaverian Project, the school also provides a range of service and interest clubs for students in order to broaden their horizons. In order to help them make the right choice, the school arranges a Club Introduction Day in late September every year, during which committee members from all the clubs introduce the aims and functions of their clubs to all Form One students.

Induction Day

In order to help Form One students adapt to the new learning environment and the culture of our school, an Induction Day is held at the end of the summer vacation. On the day, they will undergo a number of challenging team building tasks with the help of our senior form boys. They not only will explore every corner of our campus, but they will also have chances to go to the nearby area to be familiar with the different places that they can have lunch.

Big Brothers’ Scheme

The Big Brothers’ Scheme is an effective way to foster brotherhood among fellow Xaverians. Every Form One student has a senior schoolmate as his Big Brother. In general, Form One students can seek help from their Big Brothers in every aspect, from knowing where and what the different places are to seeking advice on studies and personal growth. They will have regular lunch gatherings and have chances to participate in various school activities together. For instance, the Halloween Party and the Christmas Overnight Party organized by the clubs and some outings like city chasing and picnics.

Summer Bridging Course

The two-week Summer Bridging Course aims to immerse our boys in the English language environment and help them adapt to the secondary school life. It also helps the new Form One students to better cope with the language demand of the different EMI subjects when school starts. Native English Teachers (NETs) are hired to teach the English language classes to provide an authentic situation for students to interact in English.