Catholic Student Association

CODE C1 Catholic Student Association
Chairman 5D 羅尚志
Membership Yes
Nature Religious
Proposed Functions
  • Taking part in the Caritas Bazaar
  • Christmas Overnight Party
  • Evangelization Week
  • Annual retreat

The Catholic Student Association comprises the catholic students and those who are interested in knowing more about our religion. Our aim is to clarify students’ misunderstanding of the Catholic Church, let them know more about our religion by organizing various activities, including the yearly highlight ‘the Christmas Overnight Party’, to let our schoolmates feel the joy of Jesus’ birth.

On the third Wednesday of every month, we have a general meeting on a designated topic. For example, in October, our topic is ‘Hope’. It is hoped that our members will learn more about the religion through taking part in our activities.

Joshua Christian Fellowship

CODE C2 Joshua Christian Fellowship
Chairman 5C 廖焯謙
Membership Yes
Nature Religious
Proposed Functions
  • Gospel Camp
  • Visit Music Evangelistic Meeting
Description The fellowship is one of the two religious organizations in school. We aim to unite all Christians in our school, and support and encourage one another in the aspect of spiritual life. Our goal is to spread the words of Gospel to all schoolmates. Our meetings are held on every Wednesday, and there is a lunch gathering on some Thursdays. Through meetings and gatherings, members can learn more about the Bible, and the salvation, love and grace of God. Non-Christians are also welcome to attend our activities and meetings. We hope to make our school a warm and harmonious place.