Scholarship Detail
Champagnat Scholarship First, second and third place in form rank
Stephen Lau Scholarship First place in Class
1974 Alumni Golden Jubilee Scholarship First and second place in English + Chinese+ Mathematics in F.1 – F.6
1974 Alumni Golden Jubilee Scholarship Best in F.4 - F.6 Liberal Studies
Anthony Poon Scholarship Best in Information & Communication Technology / Computer Applications
Br. Anthony Awards in Mathematics Best in Mathematics in F.1 – F.3) (Best in Mathematics (core) in F.4-F.5
Chan Ton Scholarship Best in Chinese
Chinese History Scholarship Best in Chinese History
Best Scientist Award in Junior Forms (PTA) First, second and third place in IS
Victor Kwan English Scholarship Best in English
William, Boniface & Joseph Wong Scholarship Best in BAFS / Economics
SFXBOYS-USA Scholarship Most improved students in F.4
Most Improved Students Award Most improved students in F.2 and F.3
So-In The One Scholarship Top 3 students in Mathematics(Core, Extended Module 1 & 2)
Wai Ching Scholarship Best in Sportsmanship
Br. Konrad & Br. Leo Scholarship Outstanding performance in co-curriculum activities and non-academic functions
Conduct Awards
Service Awards