School Badge

A school badge is a symbol representing a school's traditional spirit and its ideals. The design of our school badge is, by no means, an exception......

Centre: The cross is a symbol of Christ and obviously stands for Christianity. The Christian spirit is to be present in all our activities.

Top Left: It is made up of twelve stars and two letters 'A' & 'M' which mean Ave Maria or Hail Mary. The twelve stars represent 'perfection' i.e. Mary is the perfect creature. Saint Marcellin Champagnat had dedicated his life to the teaching of youth and wanted his followers to learn from the example of Mary, especially in her way of bringing up Jesus. They are to love and respect the children under their care and should be able to bring their children to a level much higher than their own.

Top Right: The book and the lamp stand for knowledge and brightness.

Bottom Left: The three letters SFX are obviously the initials of our school name.

Bottom Right: The green and white slanting stripes symbolise hope and purity.