School Song

Verse 1:

Let us sing with jubilation,
A song of duty done:
A song of exaltation,
Of laurels fought and won:
Of many glorious years in store,
A song to sound from shore to shore:
They've carved out a name in the roll of fame:
The boys of St. Francis Xavier's.

Verse 2:

Uplift our voices to proclaim,
And let the whole world heed:
In class, in the field, at work, at play,
St. Xavier's take the lead.
Yet not alone for worldly fame,
Success or honour, wealth or name;
For God and our Faith, first place we claim:
The boys of St. Francis Xavier's.

Verse 3:

Then, vivat, crescat, floreat,
As the years go rolling on,
And we leave our books and benches,
And schooltime-joys are gone;
Whate'er our future days may bring,
Our Alma Mater's praise we'll sing,
And at her feet new laurels fling:
The boys of St. Francis Xavier's.