F.4 PARENTS' GATHERING (2022-2023)

On 29th October 2022, 87 parents came to school and attended the F.4 Parents’ Gathering. Our Principal, Mr. Leung first delivered opening address at the beginning of the Parents’ Gathering event. Immediately after the welcoming speech, the school Vice Prinicpal, Mr. Ching and Career Guidance Mistress, Miss Chan introduced the senior secondary curriculum & concerns about the HKDSE, and multiple post-secondary education pathways respectively. Besides, our school Discipline Mistress Ms. Pak gave reminders about students’ behavior that parents shall pay attention to. Last but not least, we also invited school social worker Mr. Shek to share tips to parents about showing parental love and support in an appropriate way as their boys are stepping into senior secondary period. After the information session, the parents met and exchanged ideas with the form teachers.

We would like to thank those F.4 students’ parents, whose care and love is invaluable to their children.