F.1 PARENTS' GATHERING (2023-2024)

The F.1 Parents’ Gathering for 2023-2024 was held at our school hall on 23rd September with 121 parents attending the event. The Parents’ Gathering began with the welcoming speech given by the school principal, Mr. Mario Leung. F.1 parents are warmly welcomed to join our SFX family. The seminar then continued with the introduction of our academic structure and national security education, discipline policies and counseling policies.  


After that, our school social workers, Mr. Shek Chun Shing and Ms. Wong Yuen Wah led the parents to do some mindfulness activities to raise awareness of their wellness in order to accompany their sons with ease. Parents were also advised on how to help their sons cope with life in secondary school and were warmly reminded not to forget to take care of themselves physically and mentally.


At the end, each parent received a gift bag with candies, chocolate, a tea bag and a thought for the soul card.


After the seminar, the parents met and exchanged ideas with the F.1 Form Teachers.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our F.1 parents, whose active participation made the gathering a meaningful and fruitful event.