F.5 TV Commercial Making Competition 2013-2014

As part of the assessment of the English Language Elective on Popular Culture, the F.5 students formed groups to compete in an inter-class competition in which they had to create a TV commercial.

The competition was held after school in the hall where judges, teachers and students gathered together to adjudicate and enjoyed the creative commercials.

We hope the students enjoyed the process of making the videos and congratulations to the following winners!


F5B - Chan Long Matthew, Yuen Ho Chi, Cheung Ka Fung, Lau Chung Ki

First runner-up:

F5D - Chi Wai Ho, Lam Ravi Wing Fung, Chui Wun Chun, Hon Man Ki

Second runner-up:

F5C - ParkonChing, Ronnie Ng, Thomas Lau, Alvin Yu