The Bruce Lee Plaque

The legend of Bruce Lee, a Kung Fu superstar of all time, might not have been realized if Bruce Lee had not been educated in St. Francis Xavier’s College. Bruce Lee was admitted to SFXC in the 1950s. One day, he was found having a fight with peers in the toilet by Bro. Edward.

Out of love towards youth and a mission of education, Bro. Edward did not punish him; on the contrary, he earnestly instructed Bruce how he could make legitimate use of his potential to his fullest, subsequently leading him to join the boxing team and win the championship.

Bruce Lee moved to the United States in F.4 to continue with his education, and he began teaching martial arts during this time. He was a well-known Chinese martial arts instructor in the area, and he was later discovered by people in the Hollywood. And that was when his film career began.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee, the Bruce Lee Club proposed the setting up of “The Bruce Lee Way” (李小龍事蹟徑) across the city. St. Francis Xavier’s College is honoured to be one of the spots of the Bruce Lee Way. A Bruce Lee plaque has been positioned on the wall of St. Francis Xavier’s College at the junction of Sycamore Street and Maple Street. If you pass by, please take a look.