SFXC60 Opening Ceremony

The commencement of St. Francis Xavier’s College’s 60th Anniversary Celebration with the theme ‘In the Way of the Marists’ was held on Saturday, 6th December 2014. We give thanks to God for giving us a luminous and warm weather that day which optimized the effect of the inauguration. The commencement started with a Thanksgiving Mass. All the students and honorable guests respectfully listened to the Gospel and holily sang worship songs. The Opening Ceremony was followed with reflections and thoughts presented by the Brothers, the Principal and honorable guests on the influence of the two Saints and Marist Brothers had in education.

To further spark the mood, a light and cheerful rhythm theme song especially composed for the 60th anniversary was performed by several students. A special feature of the ceremony was arranged towards the end – the time capsule presentation. As a gimmick, Brothers, the Principal and honorable guests placed their mementos into the time capsule which would be reopened in 15 years.

The ceremony joyfully ended with the school song led by Brother Joseph. The three cheers at the end officially marked the launch of celebrative activities prepared for the year ahead!